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Dance Movement Therapy:

Supervision/Peer Consultation


As a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, I can play an in important role in supporting aspiring dance/movement therapists to attain the required professional supervision toward their 700 hour internship for the R-DMT credential and the 3640 hours of supervised practice toward their BC-DMT credential.  I offer supervision in person, remotely via phone, Skype, or What’s App, and on-site where possible.  Achieving dance/movement therapy credentials is a challenging process and I do my best to assist, encourage, and support the progress of the students I supervise.


Peer Consultation

Expressive arts therapists are often pioneering and sometimes isolated in their communities.  I offer peer consultation to others in the expressive arts fields in the language and experiences of creativity and psychotherapy.  This type of consultation offers a like-minded perspective and deep respect for the learning and growth of the professional.

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