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Juggling The Pre-Holiday To-Do's

You’ve probably heard it before; the holidays are a time of joy and also a time of stress. This year in particular, I’m finding it a real challenge to remember everything on the to-do list. As a mother of school-aged kids, a full-time psychotherapist, a wife, and a leader in my professional organization there really ARE too many “balls to juggle”. Perhaps, I’m not alone when I just try to make it through the day and I have to rely on instincts and problem solving maneuvers to get everything done!

I am grateful for forgiving friends, like my neighbors, who can pick up my kids when I’m helping a family in crisis or the carpool mom who offers to drive an extra day! My guess is that I am not alone in this pace of life and that our partners and family members are also managing their lives and trying to do their best. Let’s be as gentle with ourselves and each other as we can for the next few weeks; recognizing that we all might be “trying to hold on” until we get a bit of a seasonal break.

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