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Adapting to Life Changes

Life changes

We can’t control what life “throws” at us, but we can choose our response.  Many times the experiences that disrupt our lives can be catalysts to some of our greatest life learning when we embrace the change.  Embracing the change is not always easy though, and we often benefit from trustworthy guide during experiences of job loss, relationship difficulty, divorce, infidelity, or illness.  Guiding my clients through life challenges and on toward a clearer purpose and life direction is one of my strongest skills.  I work closely with my clients’ aspirations, goals, and values to help them make good decisions and take positive actions in their lives.  I help them learn to tune in to their own wisdom and the wisdom of the body for unique guidance in the choices and steps they take toward the future.  The expressive arts are particularly useful in moving through transitions and change.  Using art, movement, music, and writing allows us to access our conscious and unconscious mind-body; freeing up our creativity and opening ourselves to new information and possibilities.

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