Grief, Loss, Bereavement

grief loss bereavement

One sometimes feels as if their own world has stopped, while the rest of the world continues to turn when encountering grief, loss, and bereavement.  I am patient and respectful with the grief and loss my clients experience.  I know the spirals of healing that one goes through with loss of a loved one, and I gently guide others in their connections to their memories and coming to peace.  As a deep listener, I provide a safe space to go through bereavement using words, movement, art, music and EMDR.  One of my most memorable therapy moments occurred in helping a woman recover from the death of her husband.  After sharing her story and gently expressing her feelings through movement, the woman created a piece of art that on first glance appeared to be abstract.  However, a rotation of the artwork revealed a picture of an airplane on the wings of a large bird.  The woman’s husband had been a pilot during his life.  She was touched and moved to gentle tears as she embraced what she felt was a message from him, sent through her expressive art.