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Dance Movement Therapy

Sometimes it is difficult to express our feelings, thoughts or experiences in words.  When I am working with a client who is struggling to move past a problem, to make an important decision, or to deal with a difficult emotion, I often suggest using art or movement to create a new way of considering the issue.  I notice that clients who choose to include the expressive arts in our sessions continue to talk about what they learned for weeks because the information was experienced rather than spoken about, and was immediately relevant for their situation. 


“Anything you do that is creative, connects you with your higher

spirit/power” – Margaret Nagib, PsyD.


As one of the expressive arts therapies, Dance/Movement Therapy enjoys a prominent position as an evidence-based experiential psychotherapeutic method.  Initiated in 1942 by Marion Chace, at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC, dance/movement therapy was first used in group therapy for psychiatric patients and to treat veterans returning from WWII.  Today, the American Dance Therapy Association and its partner associations, support the work of thousands of Dance/Movement Therapists around the world.

I am a fully accredited Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association.  I use the experiential, creative, and body-mind-spirit based interventions of dance/movement therapy, art and writing to help my clients gain deeper insights into themselves and their relationships.  This deeper self-awareness and mindfulness become even more powerful when channeled into effective action and courageous choices in daily life. Dance/Movement Therapy is a transformational therapeutic tool when used individually or when used with couples, families, and groups.

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