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Couples Therapy

Mark and Amy come into my office upset, angry and feeling lost.  One of them has been unfaithful and they are trying to figure out what they should do next. They ask, “Is this worth saving?  Can we save it?” Relationships can be fulfilling, supportive, and creative.  They can also be difficult, painful, and damaging.  I work with couples to help them become more aware of the patterns and dynamics in their relationships.  I also help them develop communication skills with each other so there is less room for painful misunderstandings.  Couples who work with me gain a sense of mastery of the problems they face and clarity in their values and vision for their relationship. They learn to rekindle love and affection in their relationship and learn to express their feelings within a supportive and emotionally safe relational environment. 

My work with couples is based on Dr. Sue Johnson’s work with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Dr. John Gottman’s work with couples in long term relationships, and my training as a dance/movement therapist to pick up on non-verbal emotional and behavioral cues to identify important areas for healing and growth in the couple.

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